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Live Orchid Picture

Looking for a sophisticated gift that will make a lasting impression? How about a living, 3-dimensional work of art, such as a double stem mini Phalaenopsis orchid carefully planted in a one of a kind, innovative floral frame in three different wood finishes that will add color, beauty, airiness, visual interest to any blank canvas wall or space.

Our custom designed floral frames are manufactured in Europe where local craftsmen pay special attention to every detail. These innovative floral frames are designed with a high quality wood (samba, badi and lapacho) and constructed to last for months and even years with proper care. They are ideal for small spaces and they offer a versatile way of showcasing indoor plants in residential or commercial spaces. Plants can be replaced seasonally or when one is simply ready for a new floral masterpiece. Please contact us for replanting and/or part replacement services.

Plant should be watered in a traditional way, as needed. Please use a watering syringe provided with the arrangement and do not use more than 4oz. of water at a time. Each floral frame is equipped with a special drainage system, which collects excess water and can be easily emptied allowing Plants to grow comfortably in a custom designed double-layer pocket system.

This is truly a one of a kind gift that keeps on giving...


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